MONTMONTAZA-OPREMA Ltd. gradually became one of the most successful Croatian contractors for engineering and assembly works on projects in the oil and gas industry. Our references and acknowledgments for work on the most complex projects gave us confirmation that our modern and systematic approach to project realization in all its phases is correct, and ultimately ensures success in the execution and also the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Medium storage

For a company JANAF JSC. which is engaged in the management of the oil pipeline systems, storage of oil and petroleum products and liquid cargo transshipment, MONTMONTAZA-OPREMA Ltd. successfully carried out engineering works on capital projects related to storage of petroleum products at locations Omisalj, Sisak and Zitnjak.

All tanks are built with the “floating roof” technology and have following capacities:

  1. Omišalj (3×80.000m3)
  2. Sisak (3×80.000m3)
  3. Žitnjak (2×20.000m3)

Refining and Petrochemical indus

For a national company INA JSC. we have performed on following projects:

  1. Building a system for balancing fumes from white derivatives placed in tanks at the Sisak oil refinery.
  2. Construction works on spherical tank for LPG 336 SE-022 at Rijeka oil Refinery


  1.  For a national company INA JSC. we are currently working on a project “Medjimurje – Vukanovec field”, which includes the construction of a pipeline (DN 150,100,50) with length of 9500 meters.
  2. As part of the works on the oil tanks at terminal Omisalj, Krk, we are also involved in working on FPP (fire protection pipeline), with a total length of 2200 meters and a diameter of DN 300.
  3. For VIADUKT JSC. – works on deactivation and reconnection of sections of newly built gas pipeline (DN100 and DN500) on the Popovec-Marija Bistrica – Zabok highway.


Krk (en)

ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ HOLDING JSC. - Works on mechanical assembly of tanks A-1514 and A-1516 (2 x 80,000 m3) at oil terminal “Omišalj – Krk”. 

Krk 2018. (en)

JANAF JSC. - Mechanical construction works on storage tanks (2 x 80.000 m3) at oil terminal „Omišalj – Krk“, for investor JANAF JSC. (2018). 

Spherical tank Rijeka (en)

ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ HOLDING JSC. – Construction of spherical tank “336 SE-022” (5000 m3) for storing LPG, in Oil Refinery Rijeka. 

Tanks Žitnjak (en)

JANAF JSC. - expansion of tank storage area with tanks TK-6305 and TK-6306, (2 x 20,000 m3) on the location of PJ Terminal “Žitnjak”.