Oil and gas industry

Montmontaža-Oprema Ltd. provides a wide range of services in the sectors of oil and gas exploitation and processing

In the sector of oil and gas exploitation we provide plant construction, installation and commissioning services for various projects, such as:

• Oil and gas processing plants

• Underground and overhead pipelines

• Gas measuring and reducing stations

• Compressor stations

• Installation of other processing equipment and pipelines in accordance with project specifications

Our activities in the oil and gas processing sector are mostly focused on refinery plants where we carry out construction and reconstruction works on processing systems.


Energy industry

In addition to construction of tanks and oil and gas plants, we are also actively present in the energy industry.

One of the best examples of our work in this sector is the installation of the heat accumulator (750 MWh, 150 MW, height 50.1 m, diameter 24 m) and related pipelines, at the TE-TO Zagreb power plant. Projects such as this confirm the ability of our company to organize and carry out the most demanding work tasks in a safe manner and within the scheduled deadline.

In thermal power plant facilities we also carry out all other investment works, as well as maintenance services. In the petrochemical sector we reconstruct existing pipelines and equipment among other activities. We also provide repair services and annual overhauls depending on customer requirements.

In the pharmaceutical industry we are involved in construction of plants and installation of pipelines.



Plant maintenance is of vital importance to ensure safe and optimal operation.

Montmontaža-Oprema Ltd. provides maintenance services in the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industry sectors. Thanks to a large number of successfully completed projects we have developed numerous long-term business relationships with various clients, which are maintained through regular and / or long-term contracts. We are constantly present in the oil refineries of INA Plc. in Sisak and Rijeka, as well as the oil terminals of JANAF Plc. in Zagreb and Omišalj.

The quality of our maintenance related activities has also been proven in the petrochemical industry. The work we carried out on the PP5 – BOREALIS (Polyolefin, Schwechat, Austria) plant in 2017 included engineering works on vessels, reactors, fractional columns, heat exchangers, pipelines, valves and other static processing equipment. Montmontaža-Oprema Ltd. spent over 16 700 active working hours on the site in question and over 10 300 working hours on preparatory work and coordination.


Heat accumulator

HEP-PROIZVODNJA Ltd. - Construction of heat accumulator (21.000m3; 750 MWh, 150MW)

Blowdown (en)

ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ HOLDING JSC. - Installation of a closed “Blowdown” system on Coking KP-4 facility at oil refinery Sisak.

Borealis (en)

BOREALIS AG, Vienna, Austria - Overhaul works on Borealis Polyolefine PP5 Plant facility.

Measuring and reduction station

PLINACRO Ltd. - Construction (including delivery and commissioning) of the measuring and reduction station (container type) at MONTMONTAŽA-OPREMA Ltd. workshop.

Scruber (en)

PETROKEMIJA JSC. - Disassembly & assembly works on installation of the „scrubber” unit at petrochemical facility in Kutina.