MONTMONTAZA-OPREMA LTD. recognizes and appreciates the importance and value of human capital as one of the fundamental cornerstones required for further prosperity of the Company.

Due to increased work activities and newly opened construction sites, we have a need for additional universal welders. Related worksites will be / are located in Croatia and Germany.

Welding procedures required:

– “REL” (111) Manual electrical welding with coated electrodes.

– “TIG” (141) Electrical welding with non-melting electrode (tungsten) protected by inert gas (argon).

– “MIG / MAG” (131/135) Electrical welding with melting wire protected by inert gas (MIG), or active gas (MAG).

– “GAS” (311) Welding with a gas burner (gas fuel cylinder + oxygen cylinder).

Persons that meet the requirements associated with at least one of the welding procedures listed can apply for the welder position.  After application analysis we will contact you and arrange a work test that will take place under the supervision of our welding engineer (EWE).


English language knowledge is considered a plus

30 years of age

Criminal records office certificate

5 years of experience in related area

Minimum high school diploma

Useful advices

Introduction – Begin an application by stating the position for which you are applying and where you saw the contest for that position.

References – briefly state the relevant work experience and achievements that make you a good candidate for the position for which you are applying

If you meet the requirements, please send your resume to our email address: posao@mmo.hr

After analysis of your application, our department of Human Resources will contact you if necessary and answer all your questions.