Montmontaža-Oprema Ltd. is one of the most successful Croatian contractor companies in the field of construction and maintenance of industrial plants.

Company MONTMONTAZA-OPREMA Ltd. was founded on November 7th, 1994. Throughout the first few years, company activity was focused on the assembly and marketing of thermal equipment. Our product “KOMPAKT Heating station” won a silver medal at “INTERKLIMA ’95” fair. Through analysis of current business situation, numerous expansion opportunities were detected, thus MONTMONTAZA-OPREMA Ltd. decided to expand, and during a period of almost two decades, our company became one of the most successful Croatian contractor companies regarding engineering and assembly works on industrial projects, with a special focus on projects in the petrochemical industry. References and recognition of our work on the most complex projects (such as the storage of petroleum products) confirmed that the decision regarding business expansion was the correct move to make.

Expert workforce

Through constant recruitment of new staff, additional training, and retention of existing staff, MONTMONTAZA-OPREMA Ltd. is ready for every challenge of modern business.

Our biggest asset is knowledge and experience of our employees. All of this is incorporated with the following standards:
HRN EN ISO 3834-2, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, HRN EN 1090-2:2011, and others.
This guarantees the implementation and completion of projects in a given deadline, as well as the effectiveness of all organizational and business units.

Our policy of quality management and environmental and work safety rests upon ​​the following postulates

Clear responsibilities are established for all employees and appropriate abilities and knowledge to fulfill these responsibilities are known. It is important to raise awareness of the importance and impact of employee work on quality. All processes related to activity management, asset insurance, supervision and realization of products and services are well documented. Methods that ensure effective planning, management and operation of these processes and their continuous improvement are also regulated. Monitoring costs on projects is aimed at reducing them, with an emphasis on planning and prevention, rather than eliminating defects when they arise. Preventive approach in prevention of enviroment pollution, employee injury and the occurrence of occupational diseases is mandatory. Continuous synchronization with legal and other requirements relating to environmental protection and safety , as well as all other requirements applicable to our business. All activities are conducted with the aim of achieving customer satisfaction , environmental protection and health of our employees. Activities are based on ensuring the reproducibility of high quality and reliable delivery of our services , which include construction works , works of welding and corrosion protection. These activities are achieved through the implementation of quality management system for environmental and safety issues. Quality system is established and maintained according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 3834-2, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, HRN EN 1090-2:2011 and SCC p:2011 standards, which include the selection and ongoing monitoring of suppliers and subcontractors. This way we can ensure the quality of incoming raw materials , products and services, and also control over aspects of our impact on the environment and safety of our employees. All employees, according to their responsibilities, are required to take actions to achieve the objectives of the company. This includes meeting the requirements of quality management systems for environmental and safety issues which are described in the “Manual for quality and environmental and occupational safety”.

Long-term goals and strategies

Full and long-term customer satisfaction Superior market position Constant improvement of construction quality and strict compliance with contract deadlines Steady work-force increase with expert and skilled personnel Preservation of a positive public image

Our workshop

Today’s demanding market requires modern resources and tools as well as expert workforce in order to monitor work progress and allow workers to quickly mobilize and ensure success in carrying out their duties. ONTMONTAZA-OPREMA Ltd. possesses various equipment, but also a modern workshop that allows us to continuously deliver high-quality products on the market. Our workshop enables us to conduct quality preparation for numerous large investment projects in which we participate as a contractor.

Quality control

One of our Company’s top priorities is maintaining work safety, along with health and environmental protection. We recognize the fact that our safety record is our best work reference.

We implement health and safety quality management system according to SCC standards. Continuous supervision and awareness of security risks along with preventive action through internal training have resulted in excellent safety statistic. We always perform risk analysis before engaging in work activities with an option to introduce improvements wherever possible. Our activities are based on insuring repeatable and reliable high quality delivery of our services. These goals are achived through the implementation of the Health – Safety – Environment Quality, Management System, as defined in the Quality management manual which includes the relevant working instructions for all employees.